Mastering Fermentation

A beautifully illustrated and authoritative guide to the art and science of fermented foods, featuring 70+ recipes that progress from simple fermented condiments like vinegars and mustards to more advanced techniques for using wild yeast, fermenting meats, and curing fish.

Artisan Cheese Making at Home

Mary’s book and theme of her sell-out DIY cheese making classes, Artisan Cheese Making at Home, is the quintessential guide of how-to recipes and techniques for mastering world-class cheeses in your home kitchen.

Wood-Fired Cooking

Explore this ancient yet contemporary form of cooking through Mary’s acclaimed first book, Wood-Fired Cooking, or in any one of her popular wood-fired cooking classes, in-home tutorials, or other cooking with the real-deal adventures. ONLINE VIDEO CLASS WITH CRAFTSY.COM, Check out Mary's multi-lesson course Artisan Cheese Making: Chevre, Mozzarella, and Cheddar. LEARN MORE


Author, Cooking Teacher, Food Writer

Mary Karlin is a passionate cook, cooking teacher, cookbook author, and freelance food writer. She was a founding staff member at the award-winning Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma, CA, where she has taught wood-fired cooking, cheese making, fermentation, vegetarian, and Mediterranean-themed cooking classes for over fourteen years.

Mary is also a guest instructor at The Fork at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese in Point Reyes, CA, and The Cheese School of San Francisco, as well as other prominent culinary venues around the United States. She teaches an online cheese making course: Artisan Cheese Making: Chevre, Mozzarella, and Cheddar on Mary is the author of three acclaimed books: Wood-Fired Cooking (2009), Artisan Cheese Making at Home (2011), and Mastering Fermentation, all published by Ten Speed Press.

When not teaching, Mary enjoys life in Arizona where she makes cheese, fills her pantries full of fermented foods, and cooks at her wood-fired ovens.

Wood-Fired Cooking

The popularity of live-fire cooking continues to grow throughout America and beyond. My first book, Wood-Fired Cooking, grew out of my passion for cooking over many years with what I refer to as ‘the real deal’ fuel: aged hardwood, charwood, or natural briquettes. I was (and am) often stoking fires in brick ovens, my Big Green Egg, La Caja China, or at grills, fire pits, and campfires. Wood-fired cooking has a slower pace. It forces one to slow down and be respectful of the fire. It is my preferred method of cooking because the process of building the fire and then preparing the meal connects me to food and those being fed in a deeper, more spiritual way than by the conventional cooking methods. My wood-fired experiences evolved into teaching cooking classes on the topic, then on to writing this book. I invite you to join me on the pages and at the fire sometime soon. May I suggest, slow down and smell the smoke. Order Today

Artisan Cheese Making at Home

After years of teaching cooking classes, cheese making classes, and making my own cheeses, I was inspired to write the most comprehensive book about home-crafted cheese making. As presented in my cheese making classes, on the 240 pages of Artisan Cheese Making at Home, I encourage all do-it-yourselfers with approachable easy-to-follow steps to becoming a successful hobbyist cheese maker. Order Today

As an online Instructor at, my special class, Artisan Cheese Making: Chevre, Mozzarella, and Cheddar is available to anyone interested in cheese making at home. This multi-lesson course will give you a taste of what cheese making is all about, and I’ll be there with you throughout the process. Check it out: Click Here.

I want to acknowledge Sally McComas, my cheese tester manager, for her suggestions and input for creating the Cheese Comparison Charts. I know you will find them interesting and helpful in understanding how styles of cheeses are related. I also want to acknowledge Gabe Jackson, Maestro pH, for taking on my challenge to create a Comprehensive Cultures Chart as a go-to tool, and to Bob Peak for organizing a practical glossary. And Katy Brown, designer for Artisan Cheese Making at Home, who put her creative touch to the forms and charts presented on this site. Lastly, a well-deserved nod goes to Sara Golski, my editor, for her participation in the creation of my beautiful book.

Thank you all. Mary