Artisan Cheese Making at Home

Mary’s book and theme of her sell-out DIY cheese making classes, Artisan Cheese Making at Home, is the quintessential guide of how-to recipes and techniques for mastering world-class cheeses in your home kitchen.

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“Making cheese?  Who makes their own cheese?  Well, the answer is we do - our whole family does!  Thanks to Mary's approachable, tasty, and wonderful recipes!  Thanks Mary!”
   Paul and Paula L.


What to Look for in the Cheese Making Process

Before you delve into actual cheese making, I would like to present you with some thoughts in preparation. More extensive information regarding the cheese making process is presented in Artisan Cheese Making at Home, but as an overview of that content here are some tips which I feel will be useful to you.

Knowing in advance what to look for and what to expect in the cheese making process will help you to navigate through any obstacles with greater success. On this road to mastering making world-class cheeses, itís essential that you approach the process with eyes wide open, learning from whatever is presented. Be open, flexible and persistent. Donít give up. Be dedicated, attentive, observant, and inquisitive. As your cheese making skills develop, any challenges that come your way will be easier to address. As the old adage goes, there is no substitute for experience. Above all, have fun in the process.

What to Expect

A Few Things to Look for

Now go forth and make cheese!