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In this section, stories, formulas, and tips from notable cheese makers are shared for your enjoyment and education.

Peter Dixon: Lactic type Goat Cheese

Goat Experience:
A Lactic Type goat cheese of France, which Consider Bardwell Farm’s Experience is modeled after.
The recipe for The Goat Experience, which appears in Artisan Cheese Making at Home, was contributed by Peter Dixon, the extraordinary, award-winning cheese maker at Consider Bardwell Farm in Vermont. His knowledge and skills are renowned in the American artisan cheese world. I’m honored to have the opportunity to share his work with you. In the book, we present this recipe in a more simplified version, configured to be easily read and followed by the hobbyist cheese maker, in the format of the other cheese making formulas. In that version, some of the cheese maker's voice as an educator is missing. For that reason, I present to you the submission as it came from Peter Dixon, in his voice. I have numbered the key steps for you to follow more easily. I hope you will enjoy the read.
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Jim Wallace: Comparison of Epoisses and Robiola with fresh and bloomy version

The recipes for Epoisses, and Bloomy Robiola, which appear in Artisan Cheese Making at Home, were contributed by Jim Wallace, a passionate cheese maker and notable cheese making consultant. I contributed the Leaf-wrapped Fresh Robiola version based on guidance from Jim.
Because these cheeses are benchmarks to many in the cheese-loving world, I wanted to present them both, Epoisses (the glorious, quintessential French ‘stinker’) and Robiola (the delicate, slightly bloomy Italian relative) to hobbyist cheese makers as cheeses we could learn to make. I did outreach to Jim and he thankfully, took on the challenge so that they could be formulated and presented to you. The full recipes are in the book. Those versions have been formatted and edited to be easy to follow for those less familiar with making extended lactic coagulation cheeses. More importantly, there just wasn’t room in the book to present all that Jim had to say about these two cheeses and how they are related. So, here you have the entire submission as was presented to me, in Jim's voice.
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