You are invited to submit recipes and photos for consideration on this site. Criteria for submission consideration:
  • Recipe must be a personal adaptation or a unique recipe, not previously published, that has been made successfully.
  • Yield, Ingredients, and Method must be included. Author name is optional.
  • The format of the submission will be the format of the post. Therefore, submission must be spell and grammar checked. Refer to one of the recipe posts here for examples.
  • Photos of any submissions will be considered for posting
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Go-to forms and guidance for making your own unique cheeses

As an extension of Artisan Cheese Making at Home, this section is designed to present you with forms, tips, and words of encouragement as guidance for creating your very own proprietary cheese. Once you are a dedicated hobbyist cheese maker and you’ve worked your way through the various stages of making a variety of cheeses as presented in Artisan Cheese Making at Home, you will be ready to create a cheese or two (or more) which have your personal spin to them.

“I want to make a cheese like that!”

If you are like me, you've probably heard yourself say, at least once, ìI want to make a cheese like that! That inspirational cheese may be one you've recently experienced or one stuck in your taste buds' memory from a visit to some foreign land. In either case, that cheese has made a lasting impression on you and now you want to make a cheese fashioned after it. In this section you will find valuable guidance to help you do so. Downloadable forms are available as helpful tools. In MORE CHEESES, photos and recipes of new cheeses made by me and other hobbyists will rotate through on a regular basis. In CHEESE MAKERS' FORMULAS & TIPS, stories, formulas, and tips from notable cheese makers will be presented for your enjoyment and education. Valuable experiences will be shared. We will learn from each other. Enjoy the journey.

Submit your own recipes

You are invited to submit recipes and photos for consideration on this site. Read the guidelines on the left side of this page