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Creme Fraiche Cottage Cheese Herb Salad with Chevre-Bacon stuffed Figs Taleggio Fonduta Bocconcini and Roasted Tomato Pasta Salad Spinach Salad with Charred Ricotta Salata and Caramelized Oranges Tortilla Soup with Shrimp, Avocado Salsa, and Cotija Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Pear Galette Ricotta-filled Chocolate Crepes with Nutella

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Cheese: a versatile, transformative ingredient

Whether store-bought or crafted in your own kitchen, delicious, hand-crafted cheese is an extraordinary, inspirational ingredient for any passionate cook. Yes, these cheeses are lovely when presented solo, but when used as a cooking ingredient, the unique characteristics of an individual cheese (or combinations of) can transform even the simplest recipes, contributing complex flavors and desirable texture to both savory and sweet dishes. Though fantastic and always pleasing, cooking with cheese can go well beyond creating an ooey-gooey, comforting Mac & Cheese or a fabulous toasty grilled cheese sandwich. I invite you to explore cooking with cheese in new, interesting, and often unique ways.

A few simple tips

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Cooking with Cheese recipes

Here are some of my favorite cooking-with-cheese or cultured dairy dishes from the book, illustrating a variety of ways cheese can have an amazing influence on a sweet or savory dish: Smoked Mozarella-Eggplant Fritters, Spinach Salad with Charred Ricotta Salata and Caramelized Oranges, Curried Saag Panir, Blue Cheese and Toasted Walnut Brownies, and Stone Fruit Tart with Mascarpone-Cardamom Ice Cream.
For your sampling is a recipe featured on the cover of Artisan Cheese Making at Home.


Serves 8
Roasting or grilling on aromatic wood planks is an easy, flavor-enhancing way of cooking. This method can be done on the stovetop in a cast-iron grill pan, but it is better still on a wood-fired grill or in a wood-fired oven, and it can even be done on a campfire. The planks are soaked in water or in a spirit-infused liquid, and then lightly charred on one side to release the aromatic oils in the wood. The food to be cooked is set on the charred side and roasted or grilled. For this simple planked dish, a beautiful bloomy-rind Brie is served on toast with a mushroom-walnut ragout that cooks while the cheese grills.
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