Artisan Cheese Making at Home

Mary’s latest book and theme of her sell-out DIY cheese making classes, Artisan Cheese Making at Home, is the quintessential guide of how-to recipes and techniques for mastering world-class cheeses in your home kitchen.

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A Special Invitation to all Artisan Cheese Making at Home Readers & Students:

Those of you who have taken a class of mine know I love to teach, share, and learn about your cheese making experiences. Whether in a class or in your own kitchen, you have learned first-hand that cheese making requires patience and practice. You just have to do it to gain an understanding of the process and to develop your skills. In-person with me is one great way to learn, as many of you have experienced. However, until now those opportunities have been limited to the regional locations in which I schedule classes.

Now, as an online Instructor at Craftsy.com, my special class, Artisan Cheese Making: Chevre, Mozzarella, and Cheddar is available to anyone. This multi-lesson course will give you a taste of what cheese making is all about, and the enjoyment (along with the tasty rewards) it provides. One of the benefits of taking this online course is I'll be there with you throughout the process. Check it out at: Click Here.

Sign up for the class using this link: Click Here, and receive a discount!

See you soon over a pot of curds, Mary.