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ARTISAN CHEESEMAKING AT HOME By Mary Karlin, Published by Ten Speed Press A contemporary guide to making 100 artisan cheeses at home—from classic favorites to popular, modern varieties, plus two dozen cooking recipes. ORDER TODAY!

Mastering Fermentation

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Techniques & Recipes for Mastering World-Class Cheeses

Welcome to Artisan Cheese Making at Home, the companion website to my comprehensive book on cheese making. If you are a cheese making enthusiast (or have one in your life), come along with me to explore this ancient yet contemporary form of preservation. I invite you to delve into a few sample pages and photos from the book presented here. Navigate through this website to learn more about the joys of making amazing traditional and contemporary artisan cheeses with your own hands!

Over 2,000 varieties of cheese worldwide

As Americans, we seem to have an insatiable appetite for hand-crafted artisan cheeses. The exploration and enjoyment of artisan cheeses and their cultured dairy relatives have become part of our mainstream food culture. Cheese is, by the whey, an ancient form of nourishment; a method of preserving milk which has been created in numerous forms for thousands of years. There are over 2000 varieties which have been identified around the world. Making cheese is magical and often times remarkably simple and very easy to do successfully; even in one's own kitchen.
After years of teaching cooking classes, cheese making classes, and making my own cheeses, I was inspired to write the most comprehensive book about home-crafted cheese making. As presented in my cheese making classes, on the 240 pages of Artisan Cheese Making at Home, I encourage all do-it-yourselfers with approachable easy-to-follow steps to becoming a successful hobbyist cheese maker.

Our useful website supports book

This website has been created to be an evolving extension of the book; chock full of valuable information, updates, forms, and charts. Worthy post-publication discoveries and creations of mine or those from other authorities will be presented here on a regular basis. Within some sections you are invited to submit personal cheese making photos, cheese formulas or cooking with cheese recipes for consideration as posts on the site. I've included a Q & A area where you can contact me via email with questions. I will answer each email. Where helpful to a broader audience, I will post the question and answer on this site.

Cheese making forms & charts

For those of you who own Artisan Cheese Making at Home, you will find the helpful cheese making forms and charts referenced in the book in the Cheese Making Process and Create Your Own Cheese sections. Many of these valuable cheese making tools are downloadable for your convenience. Click Here
Conversion tables for both Imperial and Metric Measurements: Click Here

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